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Summer Flings?

It’s time to put your long term relationships on hold, and catch up with a summer fling, or two!

Undress those sneakers and boots, and step into a pair of  playful summer sandals. Perfect for a day at the park, walking around campus, or running a quick errand. They can be dressed up, or dressed down. Forever21 hosts a playground full of styles to keep your feet (and your pocket)  smilin’.


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Walk a mile in my 4 1/2 inch stilettos

Last Friday my goodies I ordered arrived! So I thought I’d share the newest additions to my love life. Each pair cost no more than $30 from amiclubwear.com. Sadly, I haven’t worn any of them yet. *Tear, tear.* If the snow and slush is gone by this weekend, maybe I’ll step out for the All-Star weekend events in my black “Pamela Anderson” heels. It’s just a thought.



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