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I’m doing a photoshoot: March 13th

I’m so happy that the weather is finally getting to be above the 40’s and showing the sunny skies again! I have SOOO many fun skirts that I have been wanting to wear and post for you all to see. I didn’t want to spoil the surprise and post the garments without having a full ensemble. I am an all or nothin’ kinda gal.  PLUS, I have been trying to find somebody to take my pictures for me on a consistant basis! I found an amazing photographer to collaborate with.

March 13th I will be doing a photoshoot with an up and coming photographer from the local area. She is talented and has the desire and passion for photography (just what I need for my photos).  She will be shooting with me and a few other ladies to help build her portfolio and help us build ours. I will be working with her from time to time! I’m very excited and look forward to the partnership.

Everybody meet Cyndi, The Photographer of Evol images:


Cindy has been doing photography since the 11th grade. When asked, “What are your long term goals with photography?” Cindy replied,”I don’t really have long term goals, just taking it one day at a time.” The way she became evol images is pretty cool! She asked on Facebook for some help thinking of a name, and got the response EVol FAUXToGRAPHY, and stuck with that for a while. But after diliberation and debating, Cyndi changed it to Evol images. Evol backwards is actually Love, which I found to be pretty fabulous.

To contact Cyndi for questions on setting up an appointment: spiderbang08@yahoo.com

Follow Cyndi and her progression on tumblr: http://ev0limages.tumblr.com/



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