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$20 Challenge: Miniiii Skirts

This is seriously awesome! I love a good challenge, it really puts you out of your element, out of your comfort zone. I am so into skirts right now. I’m  ready for the summer to be here so I can rock them down the streets of Texas.

The reptile skirt was around $17 dollars. I love the reptile print, I’m really into animal prints too right now! The black skirt was on sale for less than $10 dollars. I picked it up, looked at the tag and had to buy it.


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The ultimate cheapskate

As I was browsing my favorite website chictopia.com, I kept seeing amazing outfits that individuals put together. So many of these creative ensembles were put together with single items that cost no more than $20 a piece. A light bulb went off in my head!


The Challenge: For the rest of 2010 I will only buy items that cost $20 or less. I will not buy any individual item that is over that amount. I will only splurge on very special occasions. My splurging will not be able to exceed a total amount of $100 for an entire outfit.

What I will do: Whenever I buy an item, I will post it on my blog. I will either post it individually, or as an ensemble. I will put the price of the item and where I got it from.

The challenge will teach:

  • Restraint – I will learn how to shop without instant gratification. I will have to think about the price of the item before throwing it on the counter.
  • Budgeting – I will learn how to be fabulous on a very stringent, hardcore financial plan.

I really think this will be fun and educational. I’ve never really been a label whore, but I do have my share of things that I find fabulous that are pricey.

Time to go begin my journey!


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Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Kitson Acts Of Kindness Tote Bag

This bag is absolutely adorable. I saw it and was immediately drawn to it! First of all, it’s pink. (And if you know anything about me you know that I’m a fiend for pink.) Secondly, it’s not going to hurt the bank account. $35.50 for a tote of glory. I’m happy with that price tag. I also love the quote. Get other styles like it at: asos.com.

The beauty of this bag is it’s such a fun accessory. It can be dressed up and “chicafied” with a blazer, some trousers, and a pair of heels. The splash of pink can add umph to any outfit that may be muted.

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OOO LA LA, the birthday outfit!

My birthday was on the 6th of this month. I was supposed to take pictures that day, but ran out of time! Boo, hoo. I was at the mall most of the morning of my birthday. But hey, the pictures are here! No worries, right? Right. I thought it would be pretty awesome to take pictures in the first (and most likely last) big snowfall of the winter in Texas!

The beauty of this outfit is it was a mix of old with new items.

New items: Jacket: $15 (Burlington) – Tights: $15  (Accessories Plaza) – Heels: Less than $30 (amiclubwear) – Necklace: Less than $8 (Body Shop) – Shirt: Less than $20 (Bloom)

The rest of the items I already owned so I don’t have any remembrance of where I bought them or how much they cost. But I do know they didn’t cost me much. I’m all about finding deals.


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I’m becoming obsessed…

My staple wallet (for now)

Another fun wallet I haven't used yet

Forever 21, Charlotte Russe

I love my wallets and my purse. I’ve never really been big on buying expensive purses before.  (Hence the reason why this one only cost $18) I think one day I MAY splurge and buy a purse that cost more than $100 bucks, but for now this faux leather will do me good. The wallets were no more than $15 a piece. That’s a sweet deal, don’t you think?

Other fabulous wallets under $15:


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