It’s MY time to shine.

SINGING: “Happy Birthday to Me!”

Sooooo I’ve decided that I want to be amazingly eye catching in leopard, black, pink and gold for my birthday. I chose leopard because it just popped out at me and said, “PICK ME, PICK ME.” I chose pink because it’s my FAVORITE color, black ALWAYS makes an outfit look chic and I can’t get enough of gold!
Can you believe I’m almost in my mid-20’s now! lol I’m getting there at least. I told my co-worker and he thought it was a joke. Maybe because I’m a tot compared to him? But anyways, I’ve definetely been goggly eyed over a few garments! I have been browsing around, but I just can’t steer away from my trusted store: Forever21. The ferocious felion decided it wanted to come out tomorrow for my big day. I opted for something boldly colored, chic, & most importantly true to ME and what I like.

Here’s the birthday outfit:

Happy Birthday to Me!

BAM! I will be walking the cat walk like I’m in New York for fashion week. lol. Seriously though… I can not wait to purchase these items. I’m hoping that they don’t upset me and not have these items ON location (you know how that can go). So what do you think? I want to find a bag that is hot pink like the tights, if not I will have to cry  a river, build a bridge, and GET OVER IT.



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Let’s get fierce.

I’m really feeling the animal print right now. I found these jeans for a very low price while browsing my favorite store’s online catalog. A lot of my garments come from Forever 21. I’m a pure sucker for that store. They have a variety of items: from leggings, to earrings, to heels, to sneakers, to blouses. You name it , they have it. Besides all that, look at these fabulous jeans I found: zebra skinny jean. I was excited to see that they  only cost $19.80. Which to me, is a heck of a sweet deal, being a college student on a strick budget.  So if anybody is feeling the animal print this year, I’d go pick those up and start sporting them soon.

I also frequent and stumbled across these:

Aren’t they just to die for? $23.99 to create a silhouette of sexiness on your feet. The detail is a faux reptile skin animal print with a 4 1/2″ heel. I am so tempted to purchase these, but I have to wait until my next pay check.


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Will you be my Valentine?

Do you know what you’re wearing?

Are you ready to try something new, but not quite sure what direction to go in? How about trying something a little edgy, yet classic. A dash of red to set the Valentine mood, with a hint of black to add that classic tone. This outfit will hardly put a dent in your pockets. Forever 21 is the place to be to create such a look.



Paired with a sleek black pair of leggings and show stoppin’ heels, you’ll be set for a night out on the town. But don’t stop there, options for a clutch and some chic jewelry are available as well. The price tag on the outfit so far. 79.40.This leaves room for accessories (don’t forget to add that dreaded tax!) Add a pair of cute earrings and you’re set!


Have fun this valentine’s day even if you are shopping on a budget.


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I need a body.

I keep attempting to take pictures of my merchandise. I’ve tried setting them up on different surfaces. But then I thought about it. I think it would be cool to buy a manikin to put my clothes on. So that is what I’m thinking. Maybe I can go to the mall and buy one of theirs. Or they could happen to be extra nice and GIVE me one. HEY, it can happen, RIGHT?

– FASHION $100


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I think I’m in love…

Seriously… I am. I’m in deep passionate, utterly intense, overwhelming LOVE.

I went to the mall this past weekend  with my youngest sister Jade (after having absolutely no free time to go during the week because of school and work). When we arrived in the parking lot I parked, quickly got out, and told Jade our mission. “Ok Jade, we have three hours, let’s go.” As we arrived in the mall our mission began. My heart began racing, my pace of walking increased, and my smile was amplified. My palms began sweating and my knees trembling (ok … NOT REALLY, but the feeling was intense)! Jade and I arrived with only 3 hours to hunt, find the perfect items and get home. I literally came home with bags of merchandise in a little time. I came home with 5 new pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of jeans, tons of jewelry and more than 4 tops. Jade had a butt load of stuff too. Can you say: QUICK & PRECISE? ha. Needless to say, those 3 hours didn’t stop us from leaving there with a ton of goodies.


I will be back to post pictures of the items I bought.

The best part is they did not cost much at all!

The most expensive single item bought was a hoodie from Aeropostale for $50.00!

The stores we attacked:

  • Forever 21
  • Charlotte Russe
  • Agaci Too
  • Bloom
  • Aeropostale

I will show you that fashion does NOT have to cost an arm and a leg (and a foot too). If you chose to spend the money, that’s fine. BUT don’t feel obligated to spend hundreds of dollars on single items if you aren’t the type, or maybe you just  don’t have the funds (let’s be real!) No worries, no fear , that’s why I’m here.

*Fashion $100



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