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Summer Flings?

It’s time to put your long term relationships on hold, and catch up with a summer fling, or two!

Undress those sneakers and boots, and step into a pair of  playful summer sandals. Perfect for a day at the park, walking around campus, or running a quick errand. They can be dressed up, or dressed down. Forever21 hosts a playground full of styles to keep your feet (and your pocket)  smilin’.


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Aren’t these Yummy?

These are amazing. The summer is finally on it’s way!  It’s time to show your feet some extra attention. So get your pedicure done (or paint your toes yourself), and flaunt those babies.

Here are a few heels that will be SURE to turn heads.

Where to get them? Go here:


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Flirting with floral mini skirts

Photoshoot took place in downtown Garland, Texas.

Hey everybody, the photoshoot was very fun! I loved walking around outside with the sun beating down on me. I’ve really been wanting to show you all some of the skirts I picked up from Ross. But I was not about to walk around outside for hours in the 40 degree weather Texas was giving us. I’m so happy that she sun was shining like it should be (I’m a sucker for the warm weather).

This outfit was outrageously inexpensive. The floral print on the skirt is perfect for the warmer weather.  You can mix and match, make the outfit as flirtatious or professional as you want. Just have fun with it. I decided to make the skirt more chic and professional, yet still fun and girly (I have to stay true to my personality). Of course I could have worn a more safe color for a heel, but I wanted to be bold. These heels are so comfortable, despite them being 5 inches high.

I felt so free and vibrant, that’s what I love about skirts. They always add that extra boost of femininity to a wardrobe.


    Let me get down to the nitty gritty.  I know you’re thinking, “Well how much did this cost?”

    • Skirt: $8.99 – Ross
    • Blazer: Around $20 at Forever 21
    • Heels: Around $20 at Amiclubwear
    • Belt: Around $12 at Forever 21


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    I’m too sexy for my feet, too sexy for my feet, tooo sexy!

    On my first day out on my $20 or less challenge I went to Ross. I was going to just look at clothes, but my urge was fulfilled when the heels section started staring at me. I swear they were, they just knew I wanted to dress my feet up. I found these beautiful bad mama-jamas for $18.99! Do you know how joyed I was? The best part of finding a fabulous heel, is finding a fabulous AND comfortable heel. These are so comfortable, I swear I could take Lebron James on in these. lol  They are edgy, modern, chic, and inexpensive .  I love the zippers and studded embellishments, adds to the pizazz.

    My advice for the hour:

    Go pick up a pair!



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    The ultimate cheapskate

    As I was browsing my favorite website, I kept seeing amazing outfits that individuals put together. So many of these creative ensembles were put together with single items that cost no more than $20 a piece. A light bulb went off in my head!


    The Challenge: For the rest of 2010 I will only buy items that cost $20 or less. I will not buy any individual item that is over that amount. I will only splurge on very special occasions. My splurging will not be able to exceed a total amount of $100 for an entire outfit.

    What I will do: Whenever I buy an item, I will post it on my blog. I will either post it individually, or as an ensemble. I will put the price of the item and where I got it from.

    The challenge will teach:

    • Restraint – I will learn how to shop without instant gratification. I will have to think about the price of the item before throwing it on the counter.
    • Budgeting – I will learn how to be fabulous on a very stringent, hardcore financial plan.

    I really think this will be fun and educational. I’ve never really been a label whore, but I do have my share of things that I find fabulous that are pricey.

    Time to go begin my journey!


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    Walk a mile in my 4 1/2 inch stilettos

    Last Friday my goodies I ordered arrived! So I thought I’d share the newest additions to my love life. Each pair cost no more than $30 from Sadly, I haven’t worn any of them yet. *Tear, tear.* If the snow and slush is gone by this weekend, maybe I’ll step out for the All-Star weekend events in my black “Pamela Anderson” heels. It’s just a thought.



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