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The ultimate cheapskate

As I was browsing my favorite website, I kept seeing amazing outfits that individuals put together. So many of these creative ensembles were put together with single items that cost no more than $20 a piece. A light bulb went off in my head!


The Challenge: For the rest of 2010 I will only buy items that cost $20 or less. I will not buy any individual item that is over that amount. I will only splurge on very special occasions. My splurging will not be able to exceed a total amount of $100 for an entire outfit.

What I will do: Whenever I buy an item, I will post it on my blog. I will either post it individually, or as an ensemble. I will put the price of the item and where I got it from.

The challenge will teach:

  • Restraint – I will learn how to shop without instant gratification. I will have to think about the price of the item before throwing it on the counter.
  • Budgeting – I will learn how to be fabulous on a very stringent, hardcore financial plan.

I really think this will be fun and educational. I’ve never really been a label whore, but I do have my share of things that I find fabulous that are pricey.

Time to go begin my journey!



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Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Kitson Acts Of Kindness Tote Bag

This bag is absolutely adorable. I saw it and was immediately drawn to it! First of all, it’s pink. (And if you know anything about me you know that I’m a fiend for pink.) Secondly, it’s not going to hurt the bank account. $35.50 for a tote of glory. I’m happy with that price tag. I also love the quote. Get other styles like it at:

The beauty of this bag is it’s such a fun accessory. It can be dressed up and “chicafied” with a blazer, some trousers, and a pair of heels. The splash of pink can add umph to any outfit that may be muted.

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I’m becoming obsessed…

My staple wallet (for now)

Another fun wallet I haven't used yet

Forever 21, Charlotte Russe

I love my wallets and my purse. I’ve never really been big on buying expensive purses before.  (Hence the reason why this one only cost $18) I think one day I MAY splurge and buy a purse that cost more than $100 bucks, but for now this faux leather will do me good. The wallets were no more than $15 a piece. That’s a sweet deal, don’t you think?

Other fabulous wallets under $15:


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