About Krystal Clear

ABOUT ME: I’m a 23 year old college student, living on a college student’s budget! I have an obsession with fashion. I realized this in the 9th grade. I used to think satisfying my hunger for fabulous frills and divine heels would be a lost cause (due to my financial situation). Once I realized I could still be fashionable while on a budget, I knew my love and I could mingle from time to time and maintain our long term relationship.

MY STYLE: Vintage. Edgy. Chic. Glam. Feminine. I like to find items that are inexpensive, and still very cute!

MY PHILOSOPHY: Looking good doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket – (seriously!) Also, don’t let another person’s opinion determine what you put on YOUR body in the morning. Wear what you like and what makes you feel good.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Emerging Media and Communications Major. Member of the 2010-2011 Student Media Operating Board.
  • FUTURE PLANS: Intern, Intern, Intern!
  • OVERALL GOAL: To work in the fashion industry. (Buyer, Stylist, Writer? Options are open!)

5 responses to “About Krystal Clear

  1. dan langendorf

    What’s up with Maria Caslin?

    Operations Specialist, meaning? For whom?

    Try not to apologize too much. Busy is busy. We are all busy. Try to be consistent and post intelligently and readers will stay with you. Apologize with inconsistency and you run the risk of losing their trust.

    It’s not until the third sentence in the second paragraph that you get to fashion, the topic of the blog and, I assume, a passion of your’s. In newspaper parlance, don’t bury the lead . . . or lede.

    Keep an eye on grammar . . . “never fell off” . . . and the passive voice “I want to be ale to . . . “

  2. dan langendorf

    really like the way you evolve this . . . i know you know what you’re talking about . . .

  3. I really like that you are going further by doing a shoot. I think that this will help your blog a lot. I will check back to see you photos from your shoot. Good Luck!!!

  4. thinkfashionthenstyle

    Your blog is super duper cute!

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