*Styling By Me: Amber on the Rock

Everybody’s inner glow shines through when they feel amazing.

  • It’s very important to stay true to a person’s personality when doing personal styling.
  • Also you want to accentuate good features, and use hues and tones that compliment skin tones.

In these photos I styled my model Amber to look edgy, with a pinch of glam sprinkled in. I didn’t want to take away from her personality, so I kept that in tact. She’s a daring, edgy type of girl. She loves to stand out and make a statement.

The run down of my styling choices:

  • The ripped jeans kept the edge, along with the cut out heels.
  • The shimmery black shirt is feminine, but again, still edgy because of the color choice I chose.
  • The tear drop earrings were the right touch to add that glam appeal, and make a dashing statement!
  • The big gold bracelets were chosen to say, “BAM” look at me, and to bring attention to her toned arms.



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2 responses to “*Styling By Me: Amber on the Rock

  1. Becca

    You should totally do a post about cute interview outfits… for a good price!
    It’d be super helpful…


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