Flirting with floral mini skirts

Photoshoot took place in downtown Garland, Texas.

Hey everybody, the photoshoot was very fun! I loved walking around outside with the sun beating down on me. I’ve really been wanting to show you all some of the skirts I picked up from Ross. But I was not about to walk around outside for hours in the 40 degree weather Texas was giving us. I’m so happy that she sun was shining like it should be (I’m a sucker for the warm weather).

This outfit was outrageously inexpensive. The floral print on the skirt is perfect for the warmer weather.  You can mix and match, make the outfit as flirtatious or professional as you want. Just have fun with it. I decided to make the skirt more chic and professional, yet still fun and girly (I have to stay true to my personality). Of course I could have worn a more safe color for a heel, but I wanted to be bold. These heels are so comfortable, despite them being 5 inches high.

I felt so free and vibrant, that’s what I love about skirts. They always add that extra boost of femininity to a wardrobe.


    Let me get down to the nitty gritty.  I know you’re thinking, “Well how much did this cost?”

    • Skirt: $8.99 – Ross
    • Blazer: Around $20 at Forever 21
    • Heels: Around $20 at Amiclubwear
    • Belt: Around $12 at Forever 21


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    6 responses to “Flirting with floral mini skirts

    1. this is too cute! i’m about to hit up ross this week!

    2. Very cute, I like the bubble hem and that you pair it with a blazer.

    3. Rachael Sullivan

      that outfit makes your legs look hot! it’s hard to believe those shoes are comfortable. guess you don’t always have to sacrifice comfort for fashion…

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