I’m too sexy for my feet, too sexy for my feet, tooo sexy!

On my first day out on my $20 or less challenge I went to Ross. I was going to just look at clothes, but my urge was fulfilled when the heels section started staring at me. I swear they were, they just knew I wanted to dress my feet up. I found these beautiful bad mama-jamas for $18.99! Do you know how joyed I was? The best part of finding a fabulous heel, is finding a fabulous AND comfortable heel. These are so comfortable, I swear I could take Lebron James on in these. lol  They are edgy, modern, chic, and inexpensive .  I love the zippers and studded embellishments, adds to the pizazz.

My advice for the hour:

Go pick up a pair!




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15 responses to “I’m too sexy for my feet, too sexy for my feet, tooo sexy!

  1. sandra

    yeah! girl! you are too sexy!

  2. dee

    You find the sexiest shoes ever!

  3. Bb

    These are gorgeous! I love your sense of style and hair. Do you wash n go?

  4. those are too cute!!!! thanx for the info and pic!!
    (*runs to Ross*)

  5. loooove those shoes. love anything with studs or zippers actually…so these are amazing! making me dread this toronto weather even more!

  6. Very rocker chic! Ross for Less is great for shoes, I’m in there at least twice a week.

  7. I love that you can put an outfit together for pretty cheap. Maybe I will actually go out and spend some money and look cute!

  8. Lovely

    Hot hot hot!!! Lol @ “the heels section started staring at me”! Stuff starts staring @ me too whenever I go shopping. AND it starts calling my name. Then I have to pick it up and show it some love. You and your blog are too adorable!

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