OOO LA LA, the birthday outfit!

My birthday was on the 6th of this month. I was supposed to take pictures that day, but ran out of time! Boo, hoo. I was at the mall most of the morning of my birthday. But hey, the pictures are here! No worries, right? Right. I thought it would be pretty awesome to take pictures in the first (and most likely last) big snowfall of the winter in Texas!

The beauty of this outfit is it was a mix of old with new items.

New items: Jacket: $15 (Burlington) – Tights: $15  (Accessories Plaza) – Heels: Less than $30 (amiclubwear) – Necklace: Less than $8 (Body Shop) – Shirt: Less than $20 (Bloom)

The rest of the items I already owned so I don’t have any remembrance of where I bought them or how much they cost. But I do know they didn’t cost me much. I’m all about finding deals.



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4 responses to “OOO LA LA, the birthday outfit!

  1. dan langendorf

    really like the photos. your exuberance and excitement shows, which is infectious. you look great, and happy, and (oddly) not very cold.

  2. thinkfashionthenstyle

    Cute top!

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