It’s MY time to shine.

SINGING: “Happy Birthday to Me!”

Sooooo I’ve decided that I want to be amazingly eye catching in leopard, black, pink and gold for my birthday. I chose leopard because it just popped out at me and said, “PICK ME, PICK ME.” I chose pink because it’s my FAVORITE color, black ALWAYS makes an outfit look chic and I can’t get enough of gold!
Can you believe I’m almost in my mid-20’s now! lol I’m getting there at least. I told my co-worker and he thought it was a joke. Maybe because I’m a tot compared to him? But anyways, I’ve definetely been goggly eyed over a few garments! I have been browsing around, but I just can’t steer away from my trusted store: Forever21. The ferocious felion decided it wanted to come out tomorrow for my big day. I opted for something boldly colored, chic, & most importantly true to ME and what I like.

Here’s the birthday outfit:

Happy Birthday to Me!

BAM! I will be walking the cat walk like I’m in New York for fashion week. lol. Seriously though… I can not wait to purchase these items. I’m hoping that they don’t upset me and not have these items ON location (you know how that can go). So what do you think? I want to find a bag that is hot pink like the tights, if not I will have to cry  a river, build a bridge, and GET OVER IT.



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2 responses to “It’s MY time to shine.

  1. dan langendorf

    pretty impressive, all things considered. didn’t even spend $100. i’d like to see what you’d come up with with the 5K that is given on “What Not to Wear.”

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