Summer Flings?

It’s time to put your long term relationships on hold, and catch up with a summer fling, or two!

Undress those sneakers and boots, and step into a pair of  playful summer sandals. Perfect for a day at the park, walking around campus, or running a quick errand. They can be dressed up, or dressed down. Forever21 hosts a playground full of styles to keep your feet (and your pocket)  smilin’.


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Aren’t these Yummy?

These are amazing. The summer is finally on it’s way!  It’s time to show your feet some extra attention. So get your pedicure done (or paint your toes yourself), and flaunt those babies.

Here are a few heels that will be SURE to turn heads.

Where to get them? Go here:


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*Styling By Me: Amber on the Rock

Everybody’s inner glow shines through when they feel amazing.

  • It’s very important to stay true to a person’s personality when doing personal styling.
  • Also you want to accentuate good features, and use hues and tones that compliment skin tones.

In these photos I styled my model Amber to look edgy, with a pinch of glam sprinkled in. I didn’t want to take away from her personality, so I kept that in tact. She’s a daring, edgy type of girl. She loves to stand out and make a statement.

The run down of my styling choices:

  • The ripped jeans kept the edge, along with the cut out heels.
  • The shimmery black shirt is feminine, but again, still edgy because of the color choice I chose.
  • The tear drop earrings were the right touch to add that glam appeal, and make a dashing statement!
  • The big gold bracelets were chosen to say, “BAM” look at me, and to bring attention to her toned arms.


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Flirting with floral mini skirts

Photoshoot took place in downtown Garland, Texas.

Hey everybody, the photoshoot was very fun! I loved walking around outside with the sun beating down on me. I’ve really been wanting to show you all some of the skirts I picked up from Ross. But I was not about to walk around outside for hours in the 40 degree weather Texas was giving us. I’m so happy that she sun was shining like it should be (I’m a sucker for the warm weather).

This outfit was outrageously inexpensive. The floral print on the skirt is perfect for the warmer weather.  You can mix and match, make the outfit as flirtatious or professional as you want. Just have fun with it. I decided to make the skirt more chic and professional, yet still fun and girly (I have to stay true to my personality). Of course I could have worn a more safe color for a heel, but I wanted to be bold. These heels are so comfortable, despite them being 5 inches high.

I felt so free and vibrant, that’s what I love about skirts. They always add that extra boost of femininity to a wardrobe.


    Let me get down to the nitty gritty.  I know you’re thinking, “Well how much did this cost?”

    • Skirt: $8.99 – Ross
    • Blazer: Around $20 at Forever 21
    • Heels: Around $20 at Amiclubwear
    • Belt: Around $12 at Forever 21


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    I’m doing a photoshoot: March 13th

    I’m so happy that the weather is finally getting to be above the 40’s and showing the sunny skies again! I have SOOO many fun skirts that I have been wanting to wear and post for you all to see. I didn’t want to spoil the surprise and post the garments without having a full ensemble. I am an all or nothin’ kinda gal.  PLUS, I have been trying to find somebody to take my pictures for me on a consistant basis! I found an amazing photographer to collaborate with.

    March 13th I will be doing a photoshoot with an up and coming photographer from the local area. She is talented and has the desire and passion for photography (just what I need for my photos).  She will be shooting with me and a few other ladies to help build her portfolio and help us build ours. I will be working with her from time to time! I’m very excited and look forward to the partnership.

    Everybody meet Cyndi, The Photographer of Evol images:


    Cindy has been doing photography since the 11th grade. When asked, “What are your long term goals with photography?” Cindy replied,”I don’t really have long term goals, just taking it one day at a time.” The way she became evol images is pretty cool! She asked on Facebook for some help thinking of a name, and got the response EVol FAUXToGRAPHY, and stuck with that for a while. But after diliberation and debating, Cyndi changed it to Evol images. Evol backwards is actually Love, which I found to be pretty fabulous.

    To contact Cyndi for questions on setting up an appointment:

    Follow Cyndi and her progression on tumblr:


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    I’m too sexy for my feet, too sexy for my feet, tooo sexy!

    On my first day out on my $20 or less challenge I went to Ross. I was going to just look at clothes, but my urge was fulfilled when the heels section started staring at me. I swear they were, they just knew I wanted to dress my feet up. I found these beautiful bad mama-jamas for $18.99! Do you know how joyed I was? The best part of finding a fabulous heel, is finding a fabulous AND comfortable heel. These are so comfortable, I swear I could take Lebron James on in these. lol  They are edgy, modern, chic, and inexpensive .  I love the zippers and studded embellishments, adds to the pizazz.

    My advice for the hour:

    Go pick up a pair!



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    Short & Sweet: Rocker Princess

    I decided to go to the mall on Valentine’s Eve (bad move). It was so crowded and filled with body heat! I was inspired by my newly purchased dress hanging in my closet. I felt like a rocker princess. The tutu dress was the perfect frill to my edgy outfit. I found quite a few skirts and shirts from the thrift store that I will post. They didn’t cost anywhere near $20 for any single item! It was so fun shopping on a $20 dollar garment limit. I found the perfect outfit for the All Star party that I attended on Saturday.  I can’t wait to upload the pictures! I felt very chic.

    • Dress: thrift store – $7
    • Sweater: I already owned
    • Boots: I already owned
    • Leggings: Local store – $14.99
    • Earrings: Beauty shop – $1.99
    • Belt: Forever 21 – under $15
    • Bracelet: $1.99


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